Create Your Own Adventure: [Staycation] Guest Post by Mrs. Sagebrush Farm

About a month ago, I came up with the idea to have guest posts focusing on “staycations” within their surrounding area. I loved this idea because, not only do my husband and I enjoy these type of adventures each year, but I really wanted to learn about others hometowns and what there is to see and do aside from the typical touristy sites.

Our country (and world, for that matter) is bigger than we may think. There are so many destinations that are overshadowed by their states major landmarks, or just overlooked in general because they are off the beaten path.

Lysa from (aka Mrs. Sagebrush Farm) also shares this opinion and is the first blogger to be featured in my [staycation] guest post series.

SageBrush Farm NV

I’m Mrs. Sagebrush Farm (Mrs. SBF) from where I write/share about food, adventure, life in northern Nevada, and encourage you to live your best life now.

First, I want to thank Tiffany for graciously allowing me to write this guest post for her website. I met Tiffany through social media via an exercise in an online course we took for learning how to make a business out of blogging (I think…is this right, Tiffany?).

Anyway, I felt an immediate connection with her and over the last several months I have realized that Tiffany and I have a lot in common. I am very glad and grateful that my life crossed paths with hers.

When Tiffany asked for guest posts about staycations, I immediately knew that I would love to contribute because for most of us, the topic of vacation comes up once or twice per year and quite often Mr. SBF and I find ourselves opting for a good staycation.

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My Travel Bucket List: Within the U.S.

Awhile back I posted a poll in my Instagram stories, asking everyone what my next blog post should be. The options were: my travel bucket list or a letter to my teenage self. It was a very close poll and actually, the letter to my teenage self won (by one vote) Although I think one day I should write that post, and I should write it from the heart (nothing cliche or superficial), I am not emotionally ready at this time to do so.

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