Life in General

Back to Basics

Some of you may have noticed that I took the second half of the month of August off from blogging. At some point I realized that the promoting, and the scheduling, and the pressure to keep up with Twitter tags, was really wearing me down. I started to question if I even wanted to do this anymore. If I even wanted to continue blogging, to continue this blog. It took reading one of my previous posts to get my head back in the game.

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My Journey

This Is Whole30: Week Four

Well, I have really been dragging my feet with writing this post. I wanted to have it published by August 1st, since that was my unofficial start of my second round of thirty days. Aside from feeling unmotivated, I have seen to have caught some sort of summer cold, or I am having a hard time dealing with the smokey air from all the Northern California fires. Either way, I have just not been feeling well, and not really feeling too excited about Whole30 this week. Despite all that, I figured I should still write a quick post so I didn’t leave you all hanging (not that anyone is waiting by the computer for my weekly Whole30 updates haha)

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Mental Health

What If You Couldn’t Fail…


Part of my journey with working with my nutritional therapist, is to better my depression and anxiety. If you suffer from any mental illnesses, I don’t have to tell you how debilitating they can be, and how much they can hold you back from living the life you want. I was given a writing prompt to jot down a list of things I want to do (that I believe my mental illness and lack of confidence has been holding me back from) and why. I definitely feel anxious about sharing these with the worldwide web, but my hope is it may inspire others to consider what they would attempt, if they knew they could not fail.

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