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My Travel Bucket List: Within the U.S.

Awhile back I posted a poll in my Instagram stories, asking everyone what my next blog post should be. The options were: my travel bucket list or a letter to my teenage self. It was a very close poll and actually, the letter to my teenage self won (by one vote) Although I think one day I should write that post, and I should write it from the heart (nothing cliche or superficial), I am not emotionally ready at this time to do so.

My Travel Bucket List it is!


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NorCal Eats

NorCal Eats: True Food Kitchen (TBT)

As some of you may have seen on social media, I had oral surgery earlier this week which has kept me laying low (and not worrying too much about blog content) However, I figured this would be a perfect time to post [another] Throwback Thursday post to hold you over.

This was my review of True Food Kitchen in Walnut Creek, CA, last summer. Unfortunately we moved a little further away recently and can’t visit as much as I would like to. Honestly, to this day, I still crave their breakfast burrito (as described below)


image1 (2)

I want to start by saying I had my reservations about True Food Kitchen. When I first heard this new eatery was being added to the updated, posh-like, Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA, I assumed it was one of those “fad” places. Somewhere I didn’t feel like I needed to bother trying. Although the upscale attitude of it’s surroundings were a fair observation, we were in the vicinity, hungry, and figured we would give it a go.

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Just Because

Why I Stopped Labeling My Diet

It has taken me almost two weeks to compose this blog post. As I sat here staring at the screen, I kept writing, and re-writing sentences in hopes to present the final product all wrapped up in a bow. But then I caught myself. I was writing what I thought people wanted to hear. I was carefully wording things so that I wouldn’t be judged for my difference of opinion. See, this subject (diet/labeling your diet) is quite a sensitive one. Mainly because I know I may lose followers, and maybe even some friends, by being honest about what I am choosing to eat, or not eat. Sounds silly, right? Trust me, I know! To better explain, I feel a little back story is in order…

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