Staycation Guest Posts


a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Have you ever had vacation time scheduled, but no real plans? Or perhaps you have family and/or friends visiting for the first time and you have a full week you need to fill with things to do?

A staycation is a great way to stay close to home while still enjoying the benefits of “getting away”. Common activities of a staycation include visits to local parks and museums, and attending local festivals and amusement parks. The goal of a “staycation” is to avoid routine in hopes of creating the feel of a traditional vacation.

My hopes for these guest posts are for the writer to share their favorite places, and things to do, when on a staycation! Not only could this be great for others living in the surrounding area to see, and get ideas for their own staycation, but possibly draw those living in other states/countries to add your location to their travel bucket-list. Below are the guidelines I would like for these posts:

Staycation Guest Post Guidelines

  • All written work must be original and submitted, via email, in a Word document (.doc; .docx)
  • A word count between 800-1500 words. These numbers are not set in stone but to give the writer an idea of what could be “too little” or “too much”
  • If locations have websites, please include link in body of email
  • Include photos of locations as attachments with email. If not original photos, you must include source link/credit
  • Although the definition of staycation is pretty broad, I would like for the locations/attractions to be within 100 miles (1-2 hours driving) of where you live
  • Please keep in mind standard, ethical guidelines when recommending locations. With that said, I reserve the right to omit persons/places/things that may be disrespectful or cause offense.

I may edit submissions for clarity and/or to meet the editorial guidelines, but never in a way that will misrepresent your work, and I will let you know if any [major] changes are made.

I will also be adding a disclaimer to the footer of each post stating that, neither you, or myself, are responsible for any loss, injury, damages, or any other inconvenience that may be experienced when visiting recommended locations.

If interested in submitting a post, please email me at: or contact me via my “Contact” page, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you and I look forward to working with some amazing people!