This Is Whole30: 60 Days Down, and Moving Forward

Well, would you look at that. I finished my first Whole30 (Whole60, in my case) Although my official 60 days ended on August 31st, I have been still eating Whole30/paleo for a few personal reasons. I do have every intention, though, to reintroduce a few “non-compliant” foods back into my diet soon and fingers crossed my body reacts well to them.


In th spirit of my weekly Whole30 posts (and yes, I know I slacked towards the end) I am going to keep the post format the same and let you know my thoughts on completing the program, both the sweet, the sour, and my thoughts on moving forward.

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This Is Whole30: Week Five

Within Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig, there is a statement that really changed my entire thinking about this [Whole30] journey. During a section where she is speaking about mindset and growth, Hartwig suggests that instead of claiming you are on a “healthy diet”, why not try stating that you are a “healthy eater”? Something as simple as that seemed to turn on a light inside me that I have apparently been keeping shut off (or at least on a dimmer) and during my appointment with Holly this week, it really hit me. Instead of saying that I am on a diet, or that I am eating healthy for “x” amount of time until I reach a goal, I want to be able to claim that I am a healthy person. Sure, Whole30 is a 30 day stint (well, 60 days in my case) but it is the building blocks of learning to live a healthy lifestyle. I am tired of holding onto the mindset that this is “temporary” and that I “can’t wait to be done dieting”, because that type of outlook is only holding me back. I have to start looking at this journey as one with no end, one that is about the process and not the destination. I need to stop fighting it and let the word “healthy” become more than just about the food I put in my mouth.

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This Is Whole30: Week Four

Well, I have really been dragging my feet with writing this post. I wanted to have it published by August 1st, since that was my unofficial start of my second round of thirty days. Aside from feeling unmotivated, I have seen to have caught some sort of summer cold, or I am having a hard time dealing with the smokey air from all the Northern California fires. Either way, I have just not been feeling well, and not really feeling too excited about Whole30 this week. Despite all that, I figured I should still write a quick post so I didn’t leave you all hanging (not that anyone is waiting by the computer for my weekly Whole30 updates haha)

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