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My Travel Bucket List: Within the U.S.

Awhile back I posted a poll in my Instagram stories, asking everyone what my next blog post should be. The options were: my travel bucket list or a letter to my teenage self. It was a very close poll and actually, the letter to my teenage self won (by one vote) Although I think one day I should write that post, and I should write it from the heart (nothing cliche or superficial), I am not emotionally ready at this time to do so.

My Travel Bucket List it is!


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On Mountain Time: Truckee, California

Truckee River Legacy Trail

I have a special place in my heart for Truckee, CA. Why is it one of my favorite places, you ask? Well, besides it’s obvious beauty, I spent many years of my childhood with my maternal grandparents at their cabin there. Some of my most fond memories as a child were from my time in the mountains; whether it was sledding down the long driveway after a snowstorm, or fishing for crawdads with chopped up hot dogs at the Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina. There were also many evenings my grandma and I would play Yahtzee in front of the large living room window as the thunderstorms rolled by.

I actually had not been back to this part of Northern California for over 15 years until last October, and all the good memories came rushing back. My husband and I stayed at a friends cabin and enjoyed our morning coffee on the deck in the crisp, fall mountain air, and attempted the Five Lakes Trail (I called it quits about 2/3 the way up)

It was such a fun time that I knew I wanted to try and make it up there again this year. We were not only lucky enough to stay at the same cabin as we did the previous October, but we were able to go up to celebrate our [6 year] wedding anniversary.

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