Love Always, Tiffany



As far back as I can remember, I have been signing all my written salutations with “[heart] always, Tiffany”. So, when I was contemplating giving my blog a little face lift (new domain, new logo, new direction) I couldn’t think of a better way to personalize my blog.

The tagline I created for my blog is “love, create, and speak your mind, always”. I couldn’t think of truer words to live by. Our world is lacking in the love category as of late. I can honestly admit I spend more time focusing on the negative aspects of my life, than enjoying all the things that I enjoy. I love to write, I am a self proclaimed “foodie”, and I love to speak my mind (I am always up for a healthy debate) and my hope is to share that love with all of you. Whether its creative writing pieces, recipes, restaurant reviews, or whatever else comes to my mind that day. Maybe I will even inspire others to do more of what they love, whatever that may be!