Hi, I’m Tiffany!

April 2018

Thanks for wanting to know a little bit more about the woman behind the blog, and the blog itself! This website is an opportunity for me to share my life as a thirty-something-year-old homemaker. I am pretty simple, really. I like to cook, bake, read, and write. I have a dream to one day publish a short story of some sorts, but I haven’t quite got the discipline down to move forward with that. So, for now, I will enjoy writing on my blog, for all of you!

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this June (2018), and I am so very proud to call myself his wife and have the opportunity to stay at home and tend to household needs.

In my [minimal] experience, being a housewife has come with a lot of judgement from others. I have received criticism from friends, family, and strangers over the last 6 years that I have not been employed. Some, passive aggressively state how they could never just stay at home all day, when others have directly told me that I have no excuses for being tired, or busy, since I don’t do anything (in reference to not having a job, and sometimes in reference to not having a child, which is a whole other blog post I may write someday) Most of it I let roll off my shoulders but it is hard feeling like everyone looks down on you for not being something.

Isn’t a housewife something? Wasn’t being a homemaker enough for our grandmothers, and their mothers? I wonder, quite often, when it became such a negative thing to be able to stay at home. I will probably never understand.

November 2018

Some assumptions about being a housewife (at least as they pertain to myself) are true. There are days that I mainly binge watch television shows and the only productive things I did were cook dinner and shower (side note: I do battle with depression which definitely plays a role) Some days I do become bored and wonder if going back to school, for a future career, would be a good idea. But I know, at least right now, having the open availability that I have is what works best for my husband and I. And in the grand scheme of things, those are the only opinions that should really matter.

I am learning to love my life, and to love myself. Most of that starts with accepting where, and who, I am now, and remembering how I arrived here.

So, thank you for taking the time to read about me and my “housewife rant”! I think the best way to end this is with my favorite quote:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr Seuss