Me and My Big Dreams

I have written a post like this before.

What If You Couldn’t Fail…

I guess we can call this post a sort of revision post?

Many people have a bucket list. Some have a time stamp on this list, or its just things they want to do before they leave this world. I have always been the former; making “5 year plans”, and when I didn’t see the goal met within that time frame, I felt like a total loser! So, I decided to skip the limitations and just set some goals that I would like to see accomplished before I am no longer capable.

What triggered this new mindset was something I read from Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. At the end of one chapter she states that you should said goals, rather than setting limits. She goes on to explain that your big dreams shouldn’t come with an expiration date, and that its okay if they take a day, or a decade, to accomplish.

I am pushing my mid 30’s and I feel like everyone my age, or even younger, has mountains of accomplishments. I know, I know, I shouldn’t play the comparison game, but its hard not to. Thankfully, I read that quote from Rachel Hollis and felt a little less inadequate. It made me narrow down two main things I want to do with my life. Of course, I have a lot more, but I know that if I saw these two dreams accomplished in my lifetime, I would be overwhelmed with pride.


This goal seems vague, but what I am referring to is starting some sort of home baking [side] business. Rewind, for those who may be new here, I went to culinary school over 10 years ago but wasn’t able to complete the program. Therefore, I never really was able to work professionally in the field I knew I wanted to be in (and yes, part of this was from my own lack of confidence to push through but this isn’t a therapy session)

Culinary School 2009

Because people, and life, can change a lot in 10 years, I don’t really see myself working in a bakery (for someone else, specifically) but I do know that so many people have built of baking business out of their homes. Why can’t I do that too? I know I can bake. I take pride in what I create. I may not have the skills to make those fancy dancy fondant cakes, or artistic cookies, you see on TV, but that doesn’t make me less than. I have other skills, and the passion to see this dream through.


I mention in my about me page, that I would really love to publish a short story. Upon starting this blog, I was focused on building my skills as a writing and making that dream a reality. Somewhere along the way, that motivation was lost. I am not sure if it was due to comparing myself to other writers, and feeling like I didn’t have what it takes to compose such a thing. Or if it was because I have been struggling with some mental health stuff which has really taken a toll on my concentration (which is needed when trying to write a story!)

However, in making this [short] list of dreams I want reached, I know writing has to be on it. Maybe it will just be a poem, or I could bust out a 400 page novel. I don’t know where the writing journey could take me, but I am excited to be along for the ride.

Making these two goals got me thinking about what will come of this blog. The more my priorities are shifted to meeting these goals, the less I concentrate on created much content here. And I definitely don’t have the head space to be constantly promoting the blog on social media. But I am also not ready to push the blog aside either. I guess this will be a lesson in balance, lord knows I could use it!

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  1. Follow your dreams..they may not necessarily be the same ones you had years ago but you can create a new dream and follow it! 🙂

  2. I think those are both great goals and I know you will accomplish them! I’m almost 52 years old and I have a lot of goals that I’ve pushed aside..but slowly starting to work on them again. Great post!

  3. I felt the same way but then I thought about things I have done that other people haven’t we are all different and want different things ! Love your post

  4. Love your post, Tiffany! You could always start writing your novel by participating in a writing challenge. I love baking too. I was never good at it until I changed my diet and had to learn to make more things.

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