Happy Birthday Love Always, Tiffany: One Year Recap

Wow – One whole year of having this blog! I can’t believe it. Technically it turned one year a week ago, but I am just getting around to post this now. A lot has happened in the year since creating Love Always, Tiffany, including a few identity crises. However, here I am, a year later still putting effort into this. That alone, is huge. See, I have a well-known habit of having a ton of ideas, starting a lot of projects, and not seeing them all the way through. I even had a few other blogs over the past five years, that I posted on a few times, then just let them fade away. There has been something about this attempt that has been different, and I welcome it! So, blogging aside, how has the last 365 days gone? Well, let me tell you…

Becoming an Aunt

In May of last year, I became an Aunt. I had the honor of being present during my sister’s labor, and after about 24 hours in the hospital, she gave birth to the most precious baby girl. They say that as soon as your child is born you are overwhelmed with the feeling of unconditional love. You have never met this little human, but you know they have your whole heart. Although I was not the one becoming a mother that day, I felt that love wash over me when she came into this world.

Purple Hair, Don’t Care

This may seem like a silly thing to document but it was a highlight of my 2018. Mid-year I decided I was going to bleach my hair and dye it purple. Not just a purple balayage, or purple peek-a-boos like in the past, but the entire thing! I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to worry about what others thought when they saw, or met me with a purple pixie cut, but it is crazy how a lifetime fearing this still takes over even when you try to stand up against it. I left the salon after my purple adventure and I was instantly anxious, like almost panicking. I couldn’t stop stressing on what others would think, or the kind of looks I would get. It took the rest of the day for me to quite my mind and accept that this is what I wanted and that was all that mattered. Since then, I have had plenty of comments about my hair, some favorable, some not-so-much, and I just go with it.

The experience itself made me realize that so many of us are held back from doing things we want to do because we are afraid of what others will think. It is easier said than done, but you just have to live your life for you. Whether its dyeing your hair purple, or quitting your job to follow your dreams. Remember, you only live once!

TNT Takes Tahoe

I am sure that heading seems a little odd, but I will explain. Earlier in the year, my mom and I talked about going away a few weekends a year and in September, we finally made it happen. I decided to name us “TNT” due to both of our first names starting with “T”. For our first trip, we chose to go to the place we both love, South Lake Tahoe, CA. The weekend was filled with black jack, yummy food, plenty of drinks, and a ton of laughter. We were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures! We did end up with a shot of each of us drinking the best drink of the weekend at a Mexican restaurant inside one of the casinos.

It was a great bonding moment and I can’t wait to for out next TNT adventure.

Overall Mental Health of 2018

Mental health wise, I found 2018 to be rather challenging. During Summer, I decided to start working with a nutritional therapist to help get my diet, eating habits, and mental health back on the right track (because believe it or not, your gut health is directly related to your mental health) A lot of the work we did brought up some unsavory memories and made me face some facts that I had been ignoring for a while.

There was also a moment last year where I was faced with the choice to either allow certain, unhealthy, relationships continue to eat away at me (which I had let happen for many years), or to stand my ground and speak my mind to those involved. I chose the latter, and I cannot explain how freeing it was to do so. Sure, it came with its own set of consequences but finally being able to be myself felt like a (very heavy) weight was lifted off my shoulders. If you are ever in a similar situation as I was, I highly recommend choosing yourself over the vicious cycle of toxic relationships.

I also made the decision, around the end of the year, to wean off my antidepressants. Each month has brought its own struggles (see My [Real] Blogtober) however, I am currently on my final 30 days of this medicine and I know it will be worth it all once its out of my system. Of course, I am still a believer in western medicine, and I cannot guarantee I will never be on another prescription again, but for now, I want to explore a more holistic path to managing my depression and anxiety.

Honorable Mentions

  • In June, my husband and I took a trip to Truckee, CA for our 6th wedding anniversary. I actually write about this trip already in On Mountain Time: Truckee, CA, but I wanted to mention it in this recap because it was definitely a highlight of my year.
Trucker River Legacy Trail
  • Seeing one of my Aunts for the first time in years! Also spending time with, and communicating more, with both my Aunts in general.
  • Every year my mom and [step]dad throw a crazy Halloween party. In 2017, I won best overall in the costume contest, this year, my husband and I did a couple’s costume and won best overall again! So, you best believe I am already planning my costume for this year and am ready to take the trophy once more
Best Overall Costume 2018

2018 was a pretty good year. Like any other, it had its downs that accompanied its ups, but I rode the roller coaster the best I knew how and welcomed 2019 with open arms and an open mind. Between the beginning of the year and now, I have continued to work on both my mental and physical health, and I renewed my commitment to this blog by making it a point to create consistent content.

So, Happy Birthday little blog! I look forward to watching you grow this next year.

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  1. Congrats on your One-Year!! It looks like 2018 was a positive one for you, especially for tackling your mental/emotional health too! That’s always a big one and it’s always a decent journey… also, you totally deserved Best Overall for your couple’s costume. It’s fantastic!!
    I look forward to seeing what you have in store for your second year! <3

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