Why I Love Thanksgiving

It’s November 1st! Halloween is over and now the holiday season is going to get serious. While some chose to skip straight to decking the halls, and sipping eggnog, I personally like to give Thanksgiving the attention is deserves.

It was only a couple years ago that I decided to make Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. This was actually a surprise to my family since growing up, I never really liked Thanksgiving. I can only assume that was because I wasn’t a huge fan of the food. The turkey always made me so sleepy, I did not like mashed potatoes, and don’t even get me started on gravy and cranberry sauce. As I have become an adult, however, my understanding of this holiday have changed (and so have my taste buds!)

Before ultimately deciding that I loved Thanksgiving, I tried to figure out why I didn’t love the other holidays we celebrate at years end (not including New Years)


As a kid, I could wholeheartedly say my favorite holiday was Halloween. The day was always filled with excitement! Waiting impatiently for the sun to go down so I could get into my costume to go trick or treating. Then to come home and dump all the candy I got on the living room floor to see what I wanted to keep or trade with my siblings and/or friends; so much fun!

Really, I was raised to be a Halloween fanatic. My mom is obsessed with the holiday! And when she married my stepdad her obsession only grew stronger since, he too, loves Halloween. Every year they start counting down the days until Halloween, and to their annual Halloween parties, probably around June; and they have no shame in that.

When I think about Halloween, in present time, I think of my mom and stepdad and how that is their thing. Sure, it could me my thing too, but I don’t get that same excitement from the holiday as they do, and I feel I should if it was my favorite day.


Christmas 2016

I really enjoy the Christmas season! Baking, decorating, Christmas movies and carols, the cold weather. What I don’t enjoy, is the headache that seems to come along with it. Whoever can prove to me their Christmas holiday is not stressful will get an extra batch of cookies from me this year. Especially as a blended family, then getting married and trying to balance all sides of the families, it gets extremely overwhelming. Also, during Christmas time, there seems to be more tension, stress, and pressure to give the best gift. I personally don’t like the obligation to buy Christmas gifts. It always feels like you have to outdo the year before, or the family member that always spend more money. It just takes away from the joy of the actual holiday. What I like doing instead is creating gifts for others. Whether its baked good or some sort of useful DIY gift, I feel they come more from the heart. There is a lot of joy in what Christmas is about and I wish people could focus more on that than the hustle and hustle of the season.


Thanksgiving is a day to truly be grateful for what you have and who you share it with. Sure, you should be Thankful every day, but most people really emphasize it on this holiday. At Thanksgiving everyone seems a lot more relaxed and looks forward to just enjoying the time with family and friends (and the food, of course) Unlike Christmas, where the gift giving in expected, during Thanksgiving, all your expected to bring is yourself (and maybe some pecan pie)

Also, football! In my family, we love football! So, how could a holiday that football is a major part of, not be my favorite holiday?!

Thanksgiving 2017 – From Left to Right: Husband, me, Mom, Stepdad, Sister (and baby), and Brother…Dad was taking the picture

Last year (2017) I was able to have my side of the family, cram themselves into our two-bedroom apartment and share this great holiday with us. It was stressful, and draining, but in all the good ways! It was my first time ever cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner and I am thankful (no pun intended) there were no major disasters. And even if there were, it would just add to the memories that we could all look back on at future Thanksgivings and [hopefully] have a good laugh at.

It was hosting last year that definitely solidified my reasons for loving Thanksgiving. It may have been a tight fit, and it may have been different than past traditions, but at the end of the day, I know we were all very appreciative to have spent that time together.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love Thanksgiving

  1. I don’t think I’ll ever be totally on board with Thanksgiving, to be honest. It was the one holiday, growing up, where the whole family got together and to be perfectly blunt – I can’t stand a good number of them and as an adult refuse to be in the same building with them.

    I celebrate my gratitude for having made it to adulthood and being able to choose how and if I celebrate a holiday. So it’s true, there’s always something to be thankful for!

    On The Cusp | https://on-th3-cusp.blogspot.com/

    p.s. My favorite holiday is always Halloween!

  2. Cynthia

    I would say halloween!

    I love all the kids dressing up, everyone is always happy and not overwhelmed. We have a small stress free party at my dad’s a week or so before to carve pumpkins and celebrate my Step Mom’s bday. The day of I go tO the kids I’ve been nannying for 5yrs now school parade, we go trick or treating together with them and end the evening at my mom’s who’s become their Meema (info for any readers who didn’t know). When we have a child of our own we will join downtown trick or treating with my hubby’s family which isn’t on Halloween And makes it an easy, stress-free way to see all the family and enjoy all the fun traditions. Like you mentioned, there are no gifts, we usually just order pizza, and it’s all just FUN! I love all the other holidays…ironically thanks giving is my least favorite and christmas is great but SO overwhelming. I enjoyed Easter and fourth of July as well but I host which brings some stress so I’d say Halloween is my favorite most stress free holiday! ☺️

  3. YESSS! Thanksgiving is the besttt. So glad you posted this I agree- I love love giving Thanksgiving all the attention it deserves. SUCH a great holiday. I also love that there are no expectations or formalities really around it- just so easy and filled with fun, good food, and family- the best! I have a hard time choosing a favorite because I really do love them all so much. This was such a fun read!

  4. Terri

    This is so perfectly true. I LOVE Halloween and glad you like Thanksgiving! Christmas is stressful in so many ways…but hopefully this year will be less stressful and more about family time.

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