My Top 5 Halloween Movies

Creating a top 5 Halloween movie list was not too difficult, however, putting them in order was. Partly because I watch a couple of these year round, while others I watch once a year but they are still a favorite! I definitely have a mix of “family-friendly” films and ones that will give you nightmares (well, they gave me nightmares at least) So, without further ado, here are my 5 favorite Halloween movies:

#5. Halloween

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When I think of Halloween (the holiday) I can’t help but play this films theme music in my head. The original is, by far, the best of the Halloween film franchise and is a must-watch for all horror movie lovers.

#4. Hocus Pocus

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I know the fact that I placed this Halloween classic second to last on my list will be a very unpopular opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hocus Pocus. The humor mixed with the spookiness of dead witches coming back to life and eating children is fantastic! Not to mention I definitely wished for my own Binx (talking cat) after I watched this as a child. This film screams Halloween (no pun intended) and can be enjoyed by all ages.

#3. Beetlejuice

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Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Like Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice combines creepiness with humor and does it in the most amazing way. The humor part is a bit darker and definitely aimed more towards adults. The special effects are great (especially for being filmed in the 80’s) and I absolutely love the story-line. This is definitely a movie I can watch year-round!

#2. Friday the 13th (II – IV)

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When I mentioned above that some of these films may give you nightmares, I was referring to Friday the 13th! Jason Voorhees is by far the scariest, and most bad-ass horror movie character there is (Michael Meyers from Halloween is a close second) Although the first film in the Friday the 13th franchise was great, I am partial to films II – IV. Mainly because in the second film you meet the monster in the hockey mask and then after the fourth, I felt the films became less scary and more cheesy. But, to each their own. Either way, Friday the 13th comes in at number 2 on my top 5 Halloween movies.

#1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

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My number one favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas! This is also one of the films I can watch year-round. Some may say I am a little obsessed. I have TNBC leggings, socks, wallet, t-shirts, and other memorabilia. The animation, the songs, and the overall story-line of the film are all amazing! Who doesn’t get “This is Halloween” stuck in their head after watching it (its stuck in my head right now just by mentioning it) If you haven’t seen this cult classic, please, do yourself a favor and watch it, asap!

Do you have a favorite Halloween movie? Let me know in the comment section below.


16 thoughts on “My Top 5 Halloween Movies

  1. The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favorites as well as Beetlejuice. My kids haven’t seen Nightmare before Christmas yet, not sure if they would get scared but I think they may be old enough now to watching so I will probably go out and buy it soon.

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