Carving Out Memories: My Favorite Halloween Activity

I love pumpkins! I even have one tattooed on my forearm. So, when I thought of what my favorite Halloween activity would be, it was a no-brainer: carving pumpkins!

I don’t even really know why this is my favorite Halloween tradition. Maybe it is because it allows me to be creative and show my artistic skills (which I really don’t believe I have, but I want some!) I do know that as soon as it is pumpkin carving time, I am immediately full of holiday spirit. I mean, besides trick-or-treating, what is more Halloween than a jack-o-lattern?!

Here are some photos of my past pumpkins:

As you can see, I was very focused on my design, which I am calling the “emo” pumpkin.

Jack Skellington inspired pumpkin 2016

One year I even painted pumpkins! I painted the cat and the one with black polka-dots, and my husband created the skeleton looking one, and the “Easter egg” (as he liked to call it)

So, what is your favorite Halloween activity? Let me know in the comment section below.


12 thoughts on “Carving Out Memories: My Favorite Halloween Activity

  1. Love the Jack inspired pumpkin!! I’ve always wanted to paint pumpkins over the years, but every year I’d just rather be old fashioned and crave them lol I also toast the seeds too. So delicious!

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  2. Yes every year I carve 1-4 pumpkins depending how busy I am haahaa. We “force” my dad every year to have a halloween party. It has gotten smaller now that we are all “adults” but my dad always finds it funny that we still want to have our kid Halloween party. We carve pumpkins, decorate cookies and cupcakes in a spooky manner, and play little kid games all for prizes. We always dressed up but now my hubby and I seem to be the only ones who still dress up lmao. I love it!!!! Adults have fun being kids too, they just forget untill they are doing these fun things.

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