My Blogtober

At the beginning of this month, I had no idea what “Blogtober” was. So like any good blogger, I went to Twitter to find out. One of my favorites, Britt of Alternatively Speaking, clued me in on this annual activity. Essentially, it is a month that pushes bloggers to write a post, each day, that focuses on a Autumn theme. There is also the twist of, “Blogoween” which, as you may guess, focuses on Halloween theme content.

After I did a little more research on my own, I noticed that some bloggers feel that have “patented” the above terms and request you follow some set of rules to participate. Since, following the rules isn’t really my thing, I decided to come up with my own writing prompts for this month. I wont be posting in any particular order or on any set day of the week. I gave myself thirteen prompts in which I am going to do my best to get all posted by the 31st. For someone who barely hits five posts a month, this may be a challenge.

Dare I say, this will either be a trick, or a treat??


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