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Some of you may have noticed that I took the second half of the month of August off from blogging. At some point I realized that the promoting, and the scheduling, and the pressure to keep up with Twitter tags, was really wearing me down. I started to question if I even wanted to do this anymore. If I even wanted to continue blogging, to continue this blog. It took reading one of my previous posts to get my head back in the game.

As I was weighing the options of moving on from the blogging world, I started looking back on some of my older entries. It was this, that led to me re-read my post: The New Rules of Engagement. Although the premise of that post was more about the way the blogging community can seem like a popularity contest, and that wasn’t the root of my current frustrations, it still reminded me that I like blogging.

The numbers game is draining. Worrying about how many followers you have (or don’t have) is not what I wanted to stress about when I created my blog. There is this constant pressure to make sure you have posts ready in your queue, to have them scheduled for the best days, and times for optimal traffic. I don’t know if I am just to scatterbrained, or rebellious, but I write when I want and post accordingly. If it happens to be a great time for an abundance of views, awesome! If not, oh well. That is my true mentality when it comes to blogging but somehow, a couple times a month, I get swept up in the comparison game. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to create other social media accounts to share my most recent posts with whoever wanted to read them. I italicized the word “share” because that was my goal; to share, not promote! I mentioned in other posts that if I ever had the opportunity to make money from blogging, that would be amazing, but, it is not my goal. I just want to write what I want, when I want, and hope that readers can get something out of it (even if it is just simple enjoyment)

I also started to feel I was losing sight of the content I really wanted to put out into the world. Being a “lifestyle” blogger allows me to write on a variety of topics, vs. labeling myself to only focus on one niche. Over the month of July and August, I noticed a pattern that I didn’t like. My creativity seemed to be lacking and the only thing I really wrote about had to do with my Whole30 journey. Now, doing Whole30, and writing about it, was fine but it started to consume my blogs identity. I am not a food blogger, nor am I solely focused on writing about my diet/health journey. To be completely honest, it actually kind of annoys me when my food choices are the number one topic of conversation. So why would I want it to be the main topic of my blog? Well, I don’t.

I titled this post, “Back to Basics” because that was the goal I set for myself when I decided I didn’t want to quit blogging. I want to focus on sharing things that I enjoy. I want to share more creative writing, I want to take more trips to add to my travel category, and I want to get back in the kitchen and start creating some new, tasty treats! And yes, I will still share my health journey with all of you that are interested, it just won’t be the only thing I write about.



8 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

  1. Girl, I felt as though I was literally reading out of my own brain. I cannot stress enough how accurate this post is. And how insanely it resembles my blogging right now. I’m unmotivated because I feel like if I don’t stick to a strict schedule, I’m not good enough. I said “screw this” and decided to post when I want, not when the community thinks it’s appropriate. My creativity has depleted, but it’ll come back. It makes me so happy to hear you continuing blogging! Do it in YOUR terms, and your readers will continue to read. I will. 🙂

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    1. Great minds think alike, right? 🙂 I came across a quote last night that pertained to this and it says, “Don’t trade your authenticity for approval…” I thought I’d share that with you ❤

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  2. There is definitely an added pressure of being “perfect” as a blogger with the schedules and posts. I have tried on and off but life is hectic.

    Writing on my time about what I want has always been better for me. I applaud those who keep to their schedules and have posts planned for the entire month. I know its not easy. But at the same time if I get halfway through a post and decide I’m not feeling it, its good to know I can ditch it without it being promised to someone.

    Sending good writing vibes your way!

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    1. Thank you very much! I always feel a little “preachy” or aggressive when I voice my opinion on the ways of the blogging community but then it is nice to receive feedback like this to know I am not alone!

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