This Is Whole30: Week Five

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Within Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig, there is a statement that really changed my entire thinking about this [Whole30] journey. During a section where she is speaking about mindset and growth, Hartwig suggests that instead of claiming you are on a “healthy diet”, why not try stating that you are a “healthy eater”. Something as simple as that seemed to turn on a light inside me that I have apparently been keeping shut off (or at least on a dimmer) and during my appointment with Holly this week, it really hit me. Instead of saying that I am on a diet, or that I am eating healthy for “x” amount of time until I reach a goal, I want to be able to claim that I am a healthy person. Sure, Whole30 is a 30 day stint (well, 60 days in my case) but it is the building blocks of learning to live a healthy lifestyle. I am tired of holding onto the mindset that this is “temporary” and that I “can’t wait to be done dieting”, because that type of outlook is only holding me back. I have to start looking at this journey as one with no end, one that is about the process and not the destination. I need to stop fighting it and let the word “healthy” become more than just about the food I put in my mouth.

The Sweet

I think the realization that I really need to change my thought process was huge. I know I have said it before, that I know this is a lifestyle change, but to say it, and feel it, are two different things.

The Sour

On top of fighting a small cold, I did experience a bit of frustration this week. As I may have mentioned in the past, I used to be a vegetarian. I actually only started eating meat regularly a few months before starting Whole30. Even then, I was only consuming it a few meals a week. It has been quite a transition to incorporate animal protein into [almost] every meal. Sometimes, I just don’t have the appetite for it. Because of this struggle, I did a little reading on why consuming animal protein is beneficial for your optimal health (especially if you struggle with depression)

I had to come to the realization that, although it hurts that I know I am doing my part in killing an animal for consumption, something I was extremely against for so very long, I actually feel better by eating this way. Not just physically, but mentally too. I am sad that a cow had to give his/her life for my meal, but I am also thankful and don’t take it for granted. I am trying to switch my mindset to put myself, my health, first. I am trying to accept that I am not a hypocrite and allow myself to just do what is best for my body, and mind. Hey, only God can judge me, right? Well, maybe Holly too….

Whole30 Food Finds

Bonafide Provisions – Organic Bone Broth (Beef)

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Before Whole30, I would have told you, broth is broth. But after learning a little bit more about bone broth, and cooking with it, I can tell you that there is a difference! Bone broth is very nutrient dense, compared to its counterpart. The flavor offers a distinct richness that, to me, offers immediate comfort upon consuming.

I came across this bone broth about a week or so ago when I wasn’t feeling very well (sore throat, stuffy nose, you know, the good stuff) I didn’t have much of an appetite and my body just wanted something to make me feel cozy. I decided I would try a mug of bone broth, as I have seen others do on social media. While it didn’t cure whatever bug I was fighting, it did, almost immediately, make me feel better. I also used this broth for making some freezer-friendly, French onion soup to store for future convenience dinners, and it was perfect.

Bone broth is the way to go!

The New Primal – Beef Thins (Sea Salt and BBQ)


I know I have shared my love for the The New Primal sauces back in week two’s Whole30 Food Finds, but it wasn’t until this last week that I finally ordered their beef thins. These thin slices of [essentially] jerky, are so flavorful and not made with a whole bunch of junk (like a lot of other commercial brands) Funny things is, I really dislike “BBQ flavored” items. I love BBQ sauce, but flavored chips, and other snacks? Yuck! No thanks! However, The New Primal BBQ beef thins, are awesome!!! Thank you The New Primal for making such great products.

So, my mindset for going into week six, and beyond, is that being healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living!


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