This Is Whole30: Week Four

Well, I have really been dragging my feet with writing this post. I wanted to have it published by August 1st, since that was my unofficial start of my second round of thirty days. Aside from feeling unmotivated, I have seen to have caught some sort of summer cold, or I am having a hard time dealing with the smokey air from all the Northern California fires. Either way, I have just not been feeling well, and not really feeling too excited about Whole30 this week. Despite all that, I figured I should still write a quick post so I didn’t leave you all hanging (not that anyone is waiting by the computer for my weekly Whole30 updates haha)

The Sweet

Since I was kinda-sorta starting a new round of Whole30, I figured it would be okay to weigh myself and take my measurements from day “0” of the first round (and Holly approved) To my surprise, the number on the scale went down! I lost 7.5 lbs, and lost 2 inches in my bust, 5 inches in my waist, and 1 inch in my arm(s) And the only activity I have really added since starting this program has been walking a little bit further when I take my dog out. So, the overall pounds lost, and the inches in waste lost, were much higher than I expected. Although the numbers aren’t supposed to be what Whole30 is all about, it still feels really good to know I lost something, and it makes me anxious (in a good way) to see what the results will be in another four weeks.

The Sour

I think my lack of motivation for the program is the sour for this week. My frustration grew as day twenty-eight turned into twenty-nine, and then BOOM it was day thirty. The day that should have put a pin in this part of my journey and would have allowed me to move forward to learning food freedom (and finally being able to eat some damn bread) Although I also knew I was continuing on for another thirty days, I was just letting my mind run wild with annoyance for the restriction of the program. I made myself so mad about the fact that I “couldn’t have what I wanted”, that I got in my car, I drove to Chick-fil-A, and ordered myself a milkshake. Yep, a milkshake! As soon as I ordered it I felt extremely guilty. However, that frustration was still present enough for me to pay for it, put the straw in the cup, and sip away…

You know what I did after that? Well, I drank about a third of the shake and threw it in the garbage. Don’t get me wrong, It was delicious, but once I had enough to satisfy that craving, I was done. Now that would have never happened thirty days ago. It wouldn’t matter if I was full to the brim, I would not waste a milkshake.

Although the slip-up is a big “no-no”, I am reminding myself that I am only human. A human that has actually come a long way in a short amount of time.

Whole30 Food Finds

YeeHaw Pickle Company – Hot Damn Dills

Strangely, I have replaced some of my sweets cravings with craving spicy items. These pickles really hit the spot! I was a little scared to try them at first because I could see a habanero floating among the pickles, knowing that was a sign of how hot they were going to be. Honestly, they were bearable. The tangy pickle with the punch of heat at the end is actually a great balance. And, they are sugar free! Not to mention dye free (which is sadly hard to come by with most pickles)

Here’s to hoping I am more motivated in week five and not let my bratty, sugarholic self, take over again.


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