This Is Whole30: Week Three

Week three has been a tough one for me. I almost feel like I am back at week one! Why, do you ask? Well, a little book called Food Freedom Forever By Melissa Hartwig (co-creator of Whole30) planted a seed of doubt and anxiety about how I have been doing this program from the very beginning.Of course, I only read the first section (because that was as much as I was supposed to read for my homework) however, a couple points that were made, really stuck out to me.

In part five of section one, Hartwig goes into the “reintroduction” phase of the Whole30 reset. This was obviously an important section for me to read seeing that I was less than 10 days away from entering this phase myself. Towards the end of part five, she compiles a small list of potential reasons you may not be feeling successful during and/or after your reset. The one that hit home for me was, “You’re Paying Attention To The Wrong Things.” What is being referred to here is focusing on the number on the scale. It goes on to explain that going into Whole30 with the mindset that it is a quick weight loss program, is setting yourself up for failure. Yes, there is a possibility that you lose a good amount of weight, but overall, that isn’t what Whole30 is truly about. This is why you are asked to not step on that scale for the full 30 days, and to document all the non-scale victories you have along the way so you can look back and realize all that did improve during the program.

Although I wrote down at least two non-scale victories every day in my journal, I still felt like I was focusing on weight loss being the main goal of starting this journey. In reality, I had (and have) so many other reasons why I wanted to make this happen, and make these big changes in my everyday life, such as managing my sugar cravings!

I won’t sit here and say I “failed”, because I didn’t! I have actually made some really awesome progress, both physically and mentally. However, reading this book, and understanding what this was all for, was a reality check. I don’t truly have my “sugar dragon” under control (dried fruit and nut butters were becoming replacements for my nightly ice cream indulgence) and I don’t feel ready to finish on day thirty and begin reintroduction. With that said, Holly and I decided it would be best to extend my Whole30 to a Whole60.

This may seem like it would cause me more anxiety, but really it offered some relief and added a bit of excitement back into my mindset. I feel like, on day twenty-three (the day we decided) I had a better understanding of why I wanted to do this journey, and what I truly wanted to get out of it.

The Sweet

Although this may seem like it belongs under the “sour” heading, I think extending this process an extra thirty days is what I wanted, and ultimately need. I want to get the most out of my Whole30 experience as I can, and if I were to end it “on time”, I don’t think I would accomplish that.

The Sour

Realizing I was still [very much] battling my sugar dragon after three weeks, was really discouraging. Not to mention I am experiencing sugar detox symptoms all over again since cutting out the nightly dates and cashew butter.

Whole30 Food Finds

Taverrite’s – Make It Italian Italian Pork Sausage (Hot and Mild)

I actually found these sausages during week one of my Whole30 but I forgot to mention them. Better late than never, right?

Although certain additives are allowed on the program, such as nitrates and/or nitrites, I choose to avoid them. This choice makes finding a compliant sausage a little bit of a chore, especially Italian sausage (many popular brands contain milk) I was very excited when I did finally come across this local(ish) brand, not only offering Italian sausage that isn’t full of junk, but that also tastes delicious.

Garrett Valley Sugar Free Dry Rubbed Uncured Pork Bacon

Compliant bacon is also a very difficult item to find (at least in my area) Bacon, in general, isn’t my favorite however, I was in need of something to mix up my typical morning eggs and potatoes. This brand offers a Whole30, and paleo, friendly product and for someone who doesn’t like bacon, I have purchased it about 3 times since the start of the program. That says something!

Next week’s update would have been the end of the thirty days for me; week four! As explained above, that is not part of my new plan. Now you can expect another three to four weeks worth of Whole30 updates. Aren’t you excited?


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