This Is Whole30: Week Two

Today is day fifteen; the official halfway point! Is it only downhill from here? I would like to say so however, it was only last night that I was contemplating throwing in the towel just so I could have a scoop of ice cream.

In my defense, it has been an emotional week and in the past I would numb myself with all the junk food I could get my hands on. Surprisingly, I didn’t give in. Part of this was because I write down how each day goes, and what I ate in the Whole30 Day by Day journal. I also have to send screen shots of my day to my nutritional therapist and I know that if I made a conscious “slip up” she would not be pleased (I am not intimated by many but I don’t really want to piss her off!)

So, although jotting down my daily reflections gets on my nerves a little bit, it has truly kept me accountable during the tougher days.

It wasn’t all bad though, I took what I learned in week one and I think that definitely helped me while riding the roller coaster that is Whole30!

The Sweet

The highest point of week two was having my appointment with Holly. This was on day nine, and I felt like it was just what I needed to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed from the frustrations of week one. We discussed the importance of not looking at Whole30 as a “diet” but rather just part of the journey to finding [nutritionally] what works for you. Something Holly always says to me is, “It is not called ‘Whole365’ for a reason!”. Meaning this is tough, but its a necessary evil on your path to becoming a healthier you.

One suggestion that was made after reviewing my first weeks meals, was to incorporate more green vegetables. I admit, I struggle with this. Even when I was vegetarian, I relied more on fruits and legumes for nutrition than eating a piece of broccoli. Since I was already trying to bump up the variety of my meals, throwing in a green veggie wouldn’t be too hard, would it? Well, I already had chicken salad planned for my lunches and decided to put in on top of some mixed greens versus eating it by itself. Boom! Goal met!

The makings of my pecan cranberry chicken salad

The Sour

You think maybe once you have gotten through the detoxing and the exhaustion of your body switching from burning sugar, to burning fat, you can handle whatever else this Whole30 thing (or life in general) wants to throw at you. Well, it is that exact moment that the universe says, “challenge accepted!”. Emotional eating is a real thing, and emotionally binge eating is the worst! As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I faced some emotional challenges this week, and although I conquered them without reverting back to my old coping mechanisms, it was painful. I physically broke down one day just because I felt so lost without being able to turn to food to forget.

Major credit to my husband for his patience, strength, and unconditional love this past week (and always)

Whole30 Food Finds

The New Primal sauces: Classic BBQ and Medium Buffalo

When I saw that The New Primal had [finally] decided to sell their new sauces online, (originally only available at Whole Foods – which I don’t live very close to anymore), I could have done a back flip! Instead, I ran to the computer and placed an order. Sadly, I was too slow to get the sauce I really wanted (mustard BBQ – out of stock) but I was still able to order the two pictured above. These sauces are GAME CHANGERS!!! I even skipped my planned cranberry pecan chicken salad one day and just ate the shredded chicken with the classic BBQ sauce (yes, yes, I still ate it over mixed greens) And the buffalo sauce; wow! You wouldn’t even know it was any different than the sauce that is smothered over your wings from your local bar (or wherever you eat your favorite wings at)

These sauces are awesome and a great way to still have all the flavor of BBQ sauce, and buffalo sauce, without the added junk!

Over two weeks ago I probably would have told you I wouldn’t have made it two weeks. But here I am, crossing over that halfway mark and I must say, it feels pretty good!



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  1. I’ve just recently heard about Whole30 and have been very curious as to how it went with other people so reading your Week One and Week Two updates gave me more insight on this! Dunno if I’ll try it anytime soon but my interest certainly piqued 😊
    By the way, I listen to this podcast Straight and Curly, and they have this amazing 3-part series called Making Sense of Food and Diets. It’s really helpful and filled with practical advice on the topic. It’s what got me curious with Whole30 and I Quit Sugar and Keto 😄
    xx Kate |

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