My Travel Bucket List: Within the U.S.

Awhile back I posted a poll in my Instagram stories, asking everyone what my next blog post should be. The options were: my travel bucket list or a letter to my teenage self. It was a very close poll and actually, the letter to my teenage self won (by one vote) Although I think one day I should write that post, and I should write it from the heart (nothing cliche or superficial), I am not emotionally ready at this time to do so.

My Travel Bucket List it is!


As I mentioned, I did this poll a while ago. I had a list of places all ready to share with you but the motivation never came. It wasn’t until the very unfortunate passing of Anthony Bourdain that made me realize I really want to explore more. I want to get out and see different places and experience different cultures. Watching his show(s) years ago were what inspired me to try and cook new types of food, and he was ultimately one of the culinary figures that inspired me to attend culinary school. Tony Bourdain was also someone I admired for his writing ability. Something I don’t share often is, when I was younger, I knew I loved writing and that I was pretty good at it. I also knew I loved food and had a lot of opinions about it. I dreamed of being some sort of journalist; maybe writing for a newspaper or a food magazine. Life, and many other things, got in the way of this dream, but in a sense, I could watch No Reservations and live through Tony!

Long story short (too late), After I proceeded the news of the passing of this icon, I found the motivation to complete this post. I realized life is truly too short and there are so many places I want to experience before it is my time. I also decided I would split the bucket list into two categories, and two separate posts: Within the U.S. and Outside the U.S.. I narrowed down my list to 3 – 4 places and are put in no particular order.

New York, New York

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I know New York City can be known for its busy streets and overcrowded population, but none of that deters this introvert from visiting one of the most well known cities in the world. I will be honest though, I probably wouldn’t plan to see too many of the “tourist” spots. Of course it would be great to see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal, or go to the 102nd floor of the Empire State building, but I really want experience New York City for its everyday life. There is so much history, and culture, within New York City’s streets and I want to be able to take as much of that in as possible. However, there is one place that I would visit, touristy or not; Katz’s Delicatessen.

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I remember telling my husband, a few years back, that even if I was still a vegetarian when I got the chance to go to New York City, I would still go and get a true pastrami sandwich (or maybe a Reuben) from this iconic deli. Who could blame me, right?

Boston, Massachusetts

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When I think about America’s history, Boston is the first city that comes to mind. This city is rich in American history and the beauty of that that the city as been able to preserve is amazing.

Paul Revere Statue
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As cliche as it sounds, especially because I refuse to be touristy when I visit NYC, I would really like to walk The Freedom Trail. There are tours offered for this 2 1/2 mile walk, which visits 16 historically significant locations. The walk itself is said to only take about 90 minutes, which leaves plenty of time left in your day to check out some locals pubs *wink wink*

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Being a big baseball fan, I would also really like to visit Boston during the baseball season to be able to experience a game at Fenway Park. What baseball fan wouldn’t love that opportunity? Plus, I have to see how impressive this “green monster” really is.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Although I have no intentions on visiting during Mardi Gras, I think walking down Bourbon St. in New Orleans, Louisiana, would be quite an experience. I’d probably have a hurricane, or two, because, why not? However, the first thing I plan to do upon arriving in New Orleans is find myself a little outside table at Cafe Du Monda, order a proper Au Lait and eat as many beignets as I possibly can.

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One more thing I would really like to experience is seeing the swamps. Sure, I am afraid of water, and not too excited about running into a crocodile, but I found a peaceful beauty when looking at photos of the cypress trees in the murky water. I can only image it is breathtaking in person.

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I have a few more places within the U.S. I would like to visit but the locations I mentioned above, are definitely my top 3! Of course, if anyone has visited any of these, or lives there, I am open to suggestions on what to do, or see, to get the full experience each city has to offer.


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  1. Wow…same places I would love to see. Been to Boston but would always go back but not in Winter next time.
    Good for you!!!

  2. New Orleans is definitely on my travel Bucket List. I grew up on the east coast and lived near NYC so I was there often. You will have a fantastic time if you go.

  3. New York!!! Definitely a place I want to visit. I love that you included the swamps in your post. I would also love to see them, but I feel it’s not something many people think of! Great post, I look forwarding to reading about your adventures when you go to these places!

  4. I’m an introvert too but New York is also on my bucket list, as well as Massachusetts. I’ve never been to the East Coast but I want to go SO BAD. The Louisiana bayou would be cool too! Fun post!!

  5. I would LOVE to go to New Orleans! I’d really like to see New York but I don’t know if I’ve ever be brave enough to face the hustle and bustle! x

  6. Must say this is one good bucket list right here! You are much stronger than myself Tiffany, because I think New York would be a bit overstimulating for me, however it’s definitely one of those cities that has a lot of Beauty in it. I would absolutely love to go to Boston Massachusetts for the History to, and Salem Massachusetts is actually a spot I want to see during Halloween time! And who wouldn’t want to visit the culture Within New Orleans!? Can’t wait for #2!

      1. Oh man it’s a must for me one day because I’m a Halloween fanatic, and nothing quite screams Halloween like Salem Massachusetts.

  7. I want to see all if theses places too. Some people choose to wait until they retire to travel but that makes no sense to me. I’d rather travel while I’m young and can fully enjoy the experiences with my family.

  8. I was just telling my roommate yesterday that I want to go to New Orleans so badly! Perfect bucket list item 🙂 This is a great post! Hopefully you will make your way to these places at some point!

  9. Lets go to Boston or New Orleans together!! I’ve been saying i wanna go to New Orleans for so long now! Imagine all the amazing food!

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