On Mountain Time: Truckee, California

I have a special place in my heart for Truckee, CA. Why is it one of my favorite places, you ask? Well, besides it’s obvious beauty, I spent many years of my childhood with my maternal grandparents at their cabin there. Some of my most fond memories as a child were from my time in the mountains; whether it was sledding down the long driveway after a snowstorm, or fishing for crawdads with chopped up hot dogs at the Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina. There were also many evenings my grandma and I would play Yahtzee in front of the large living room window as the thunderstorms rolled by.

Truckee River Legacy Trail

I actually had not been back to this part of Northern California for over 15 years until last October, and all the good memories came rushing back. My husband and I stayed at a friends cabin and enjoyed our morning coffee on the deck in the crisp, fall mountain air, and attempted the Five Lakes Trail (I called it quits about 2/3 the way up)

It was such a fun time that I knew I wanted to try and make it up there again this year. We were not only lucky enough to stay at the same cabin as we did the previous October, but we were able to go up to celebrate our [6 year] wedding anniversary.

So cute, right?

We spent a good amount of our first day there walking around the historic downtown area. I decided I wanted to buy a couple of “touristy” things so we stopped at California 89 and Tahoe Truckee T-shirtery, where I purchased a few t-shirts, a really cool magnet, and an extremely adorable shirt for my [new] niece. Its a little big for her now, seeing that she is barely one month, but she will grow into it!

After I got that spending spree out of my system, we decided to stop for lunch at Bar of America.  The one thing that stood out to me was the fact that they brought my iced tea out with a paper straw! This was so wonderful to see since one of my new years resolutions was to lessen my usage of [single use] plastic(s) The food was decent; My husband ordered the fish and chips, which he said the fish was not too greasy but the fries tasted like frozen fries (boo!) I ordered the B.L.A.T (bacon, mixed greens, avocado, tomato, & rosemary mayonnaise on multi grain bread) with the same, not-so-amazing fries. I rather enjoyed the sandwich though so it wasn’t a complete bust. After we ate, we headed over to Tahoe Oil and Spice where we sampled different varieties of oil and vinegar. If you’re ever wandering around downtown Truckee, do yourself a favor and visit this shop. Its a really cool experience, and expect to leave with a few bottles of goodness.

The day continued with a spontaneous drive to find the exact spot I used to frequent as a child to fish for crawdads, which I now know is Tahoe Donner Beach Club Marina. We found it, and I was humorously surprised once we did. I remember these big rocks in the water I used to climb on and look down for the crawdads. I remember a long stretch of sand I would hurry across before my feet got too hot to handle. What I didn’t account for was that back then, I wasn’t a 5’8 fully grown woman who now can tower over those not-so-big rocks, and I now saw that the stretch of beach was no longer than the walk you typically take from your car in the parking lot into the grocery store. Regardless of these differences, I was still overwhelmed with nostalgia standing on that hot sand trying to scurry over to the waters edge before I burned myself. I stayed standing for awhile, just taking it all in before we decided to head back to the cabin and relax for the rest of the night.



The next day started out with a hot cup of coffee while sitting on the porch as the temperature gauge barely hit 40 degrees. The fact that I was able to wear a sweatshirt in June was awesome enough, but sitting outside in the cool mountain air just enjoying the sounds (or lack there of) was perfect. IMG_3551After getting a slow start (which is totally acceptable when you are on vacation!) We decided to walk the Truckee River Legacy Trail (which is pictured above) It was a really nice, paved, trail that followed the Truckee River for about 6 miles. We only got to the half way mark (we seem to have a bad habit of this, huh?) and decided to turn back since it was getting a little too warm, and I was becoming a little too “hangry”.

On our way back to the cabin we stopped at Burger Me! I have photos and a lot to say about this place that I will be sharing in its own post. For now, I will tell you that it was a very satisfying meal.

The remainder of our time in Truckee was spent at the cabin, relaxing, and enjoying each others company (it was our anniversary after all) As we sat on the deck, enjoying the evening breeze, on our last night there, we decided to make the trip to Truckee at least once a year. I have all the wonderful memories from long ago, and what better way to honor them than creating more memories. I am definitely looking forward to that.


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  1. I am so glad you had great memories with Mama and Bopa. I know that they would be very proud of the woman you have become.

  2. Wow, this looks gorgeous! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time, and it’s lovely you want to go there more often! x

  3. I loved Truckee when I spent a night there during a section hike on the PCT last fall. The town has a sweet vibe and the people were so friendly and helpful.

  4. It looks so beautiful and peaceful and almost European. We are looking forward to our fist family trip to the USA in three weeks time – all really excited! Congrats for having your post chosen by another blogger to be featured on the #blogcrush linky, feel free to pop over and claim your ‘Ive been featured’ badge!

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