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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

This weekend I had plans to start a blogging challenge to build my content. I wanted to start yesterday but I couldn’t, and for a very amazing reason. I became an Aunt!!! I was already so excited for that day to come since I was told my sister would be having her first child. However, there are feelings that overwhelm you the second you see those tiny ears, and hearing the little cries that melt your heart. I am overjoyed to finally be an aunt and am so proud of my sister for all she went through to bring her daughter into this world.

Anyways, back to blogging…

With baseball season picking up speed in the month of May, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite places ever…AT&T Park!!


AT&T Park is the home of the San Francisco Giants. As I mentioned in my 15 Facts About Me post, I am a big [Bay Area] sports fan, but the team that takes up most of my heart is the Giants. I obviously grew up with my family rooting for the Bay Area, CA baseball teams (Oakland A’s are the other one) but I know that my love for the orange and black didn’t become truly solidified until around 2002.

I was 16 years old and the San Francisco Giants were headed to the World Series vs the Anaheim Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels) It was during this post season that I truly witnessed the love my Grandma had for her team. Side note, my paternal Grandma and I are very close. Everyone always says I look like her, and the ones who know us the best say that we are too much alike! This is something I am proud of because my Grandma is pretty amazing and I love her very much. Anyways, her passion for this team was contagious, and because of that experience, I now bleed black and orange.

My first San Francisco Giants game wasn’t until 2008 when my dad (also a Giants fan) took me for my birthday. This is a day I will never forget. Not only was I excited to finally be at a live game, but they were playing their rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was a crazy game but the Giants ended up winning and afterwards I was able to get down by the locker room and have a few players sign my hat (including Tim Lincecum!!) Since then, there has been other games that left a lasting impression: July 9th, 2010 was the first no hitter in 33 years, and the first in AT&T Park, by Jonathan Sanchez. Yeah, I was there! Another, not-well-known game was in 2015 on April 22nd (my birthday) Once again the Giants were playing the Dodgers and trailing the entire game. I had almost given up hope and was prepared to head home with disappointment until the bottom of the 9th when Joe Panik had a walk off hit and the entire stadium went from zero to sixty! It was the perfect birthday gift.

The night of Jonathan Sanchez’s no hitter!

Moral of the story, I have some pretty amazing memories from AT&T Park. If you are a baseball fan, or just want to experience part of the San Francisco culture, make it a point to visit this park; you won’t regret it. Oh, and never leave without trying some garlic fries.


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