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NorCal Eats: The Butcher’s Son (TBT)

In honor of throwback Thursday (TBT), I wanted to share a post I wrote for my old blog, last year.

I feel a small disclaimer is necessary before you read on. I visited The Butcher’s Son, and composed this post, when I was following a vegan diet. I no longer label myself a “vegan”, (I consume animal products, currently) But I still really enjoying eating plant-based and finding plant-based versions of non-vegan items.

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

image3 (1)

If you are within driving distance of Berkeley, CA, do yourself a favor and check out The Butcher’s Son.

It took my husband and I almost a year after hearing about this place to actually take the time to go eat there. Wow, what took us so long?!

Although the atmosphere was a bit noisy and a little cramped for a leisurely afternoon lunch, the food made any discomfort worth it.

The menu is quite extensive, and since I had never been there, I was overwhelmed with all the choices (in a positive way) My husband ordered the Hot Roast Beef and I ordered the Roast Beef Reuben (pictured above with a side of coleslaw) The Reuben came with their own Russian dressing, grilled onions, house-made mozzarella, and sauerkraut, all between two slices of toasted rye bread. Aside from being one of the messiest sandwiches I have ever ate, it was extremely flavorful! The meat, itself, had the best flavor and the texture was perfect.

Disclaimer, and this is for vegan food in general, if you go into things expecting the faux meats to look, taste, and have the exact texture of real meat, you may be disappointed. The roast beef did not taste just like the sliced roast beef you would find at your local delicatessen. However, the fact that no animals were harmed to make your sandwich is far more enjoyable than having the mouth feel, and flavor of traditional beef.

Now, of course we couldn’t leave there without trying some of their desserts…

I already had my heart set on one of their cannolis but, as I stood in line to order, I spotted their New York style cheesecake. So, of course I had to get them both.

image2 (2)

Before going vegan, cheesecake was my favorite. I even remember having a couple birthdays where I asked for cheesecake instead of the traditional birthday cake. Since going vegan, I have yet to find a truly tasty substitution for my beloved dessert. Although there are a couple companies that make vegan cheesecakes, they really don’t do it for me. But this, this cheesecake, WOW! One bite and I was in heaven! It was like I had been reunited with a long lost friend (seems dramatic, but that is how good this [vegan] cheesecake was) Of course, no disrespect to the cannoli; that was also very delicious.

Overall, we cannot wait to go back there and explore the menu further!

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, veg-curious, or a true meat lover, if you’re in the greater Bay Area, The Butcher’s Son is a must.

I hope you enjoyed this throwback post!


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