Journey Coffee Company: More Than Your Average Coffee Shop

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I felt I should spread the love by sharing my infatuation with Vacaville, California’s own, Journey Coffee Company

Journey Coffee Company

About a year ago, while out in the Vacaville area to search for places to live (my husband and I moved to Vacaville almost 6 months ago from a town about 45 minutes away) I noticed the city showed great pride in their local establishments. The area we were moving from definitely was lacking in its enthusiasm for the community, and I was very drawn to the local’s fondness of their hometown.

It was a sunny day in April that my husband and I visited Journey Coffee Company after I had read the rave reviews on Yelp. Upon entering, I immediately fell in love! The decor was very rustic industrial, with exposed, wooden beams on the ceiling, metal light fixtures and seats, and large, sliding barn doors that opened up to a conference room. There were also shelves along either side of the entrance that were stocked with Journey Coffee Company merchandise, along with many different items from fellow small business (such as candles, jewelry, and local honey) This little coffee shop, screamed local pride! And it was this little coffee shop that solidified my decision to move to their town. Which may sound silly, that I decided to move somewhere based on a coffee shop, however, it was more of the feeling I got from being in that coffee shop, and knowing I would now be living somewhere that the locals cared about their community. In a society that is ran by big-box stores, and corporations, it feels amazing to be able to support small business and share in the love and pride of where you live.

Now, onto the deliciousness that is their signature drink: the lavender latte. At first, I felt that the flavor combination of coffee, and floral lavender, would be a bit odd. Oh, I was glad I was wrong about that! I don’t even know how to describe it except that its sweet, and smooth, and you just have to try one to understand.

Iced Lavender Latte

Even though it is difficult, I don’t always order a lavender latte when I visit. I have also enjoyed their Americano and iced coffee. And what is the best thing to pair with incredible coffee? Why, an amazing pastry of course!

Americano and house-made blackberry “pop-tart”

Journey Baking Company

I am not sure why, but it took me a few visits to Journey Coffee Company to try any of their edible treats. I knew from social media, that they had recently merged with a local woman [originally Traylor Made Treats but is now Journey Baking Company] who made some pretty amazing French macarons, among other goodies. However, it was not her famous macarons I sampled first; it was her pop-tart!

These pop-tarts (blackberry with lemon icing pictured above; I have also tried strawberry and cranberry) are on the same incredible level as Journey Coffee Company’s lavender latte. I went back, three times, in one week just for one of her pop-tarts. Yes, they are that good.

Oh, don’t worry, I finally brought myself to take a break from my beloved pop-tart, to try some of the infamous French macarons. One day, when needing an afternoon pick me up, I decided to narrow down my choices, from the many options, to three flavors: raspberry champagne, chocolate cannoli, and salted caramel. I’ll be honest, I didn’t love the salted caramel. I really wanted to since I enjoy caramel flavored treats so very much, but it just didn’t do it for me. However, the raspberry champagne and the chocolate cannoli, stole my heart! Those flavors justified every good thing I had heard about these little treats.

And in case the typical size of a macaron isn’t big enough for you, she makes huge ones for special occasions (and I can only assume, “just because” falls into the special occasion category) I love the raspberry champagne flavor so much, that the impulse buying bug bit me when I went in to pick up a few things for Valentine’s Day gifts and saw there was a giant, special, raspberry champagne macaron on display! Hey, no regrets, right?

image1 (2)

So, if you are in the surrounding Vacaville area (or in California in general), do yourself a favor, and visit Journey Coffee Company. And make sure you check out that pastry case while you are there!


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    I too fell in love with a local coffee shop where we live so I completely understand your feelings you described here!

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