Creative Writing


Patiently waiting for nothing to happen…It’s not like I don’t have time to waste, but do I want to waste that time on you?

It’s a possibility, but anything’s possible. Especially when you have everything to lose. Why don’t we just have another drink? Make this more probable. Isn’t that how it all started anyways?

Maybe now the patience is wearing thin, watching the beginning of the end begin. To that, let’s have a stronger drink, and let us think of what we gained…a heart ache, a head ache, or is that what we’d be losing?

Impatiently waiting for an answer to the question that’s been lingering for too long now. Why is the weight of this put on my shoulders?

I’ll get that liquid courage sooner or later, or is it too late now? Are drunken words really sober thoughts? Maybe I am just thinking too much and I know you aren’t thinking at all.  If it was up to you we wouldn’t say a word and we would just have another drink. I would love to say no but I know I can’t with you; a constant problem of mine.

So, let’s have that drink, throw patience, emotions and logic out the window of that cab we will be taking back to your house where you will be taking advantage of the situation and still have nothing to say.

I’ll drink to that.

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